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Thermo Element XR
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Key features of the Thermo Element XR

  • Our Thermo Scientificâ„¢ Element XR is a double focusing magnetic sector field ICP-MS
    instrument that is optimized for ultra-low detection limits (sub ppq), high sensitivity,
    stability and productivity.
  • The three resolution modes (Low resolution: 300, Medium resolution: 4,000; High
    resolution: 10,000) provide good combinations of resolving power within one method
    achieving highest sensitivity in ICPMS (at low resolution) and to access spectrally
    interfered isotopes and generate unambiguous elemental spectra.
  • With the coupling of SEM and faraday cup detector, the dynamic range of the instrument
    is expanded from 0.2 cps to >10 12 cps.
  • Element XR is capable of running in cold plasma conditions, which helps to further
    reduce polyatomic interfaces and improve detection limits for certain elements.